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A dog and cat laying down in a home

Eternal Ash Collection

Our artisans create these beautiful glass keepsakes that can be incorporated with the cremated remains of your loved one. The Eternal Ash Collection is a unique group of blown glass art that you can incorporate into your own home or office. The subtle reminder of your loved one will be present whenever you look at these keepsakes.

Front image of Paw Print
Paw Print

Cremated remains

When you place your order through the funeral home, you will be given the option to have a small part of the cremated remains added to the glass. The cremated remains are sent to us securely and safely by your funeral home while respecting the diginity of the decedent.

Color options

We offer a range of color options for our Eternal Ash Collection. You can choose between our standard color mixes, or you can create your very own color mix while crafting your perfect keepsake.

Standard color mixes

Candle Votive in Ocean Breeze Ocean Breeze
Candle Votive in Onyx Onyx
Candle Votive in Yellowstone Yellowstone
Candle Votive in Neon Lights Neon Lights (select products only)
Candle Votive in Dark Mocha Dark Mocha (select products only)

Custom color mixes

When choosing your colors, you have the option to use up to two colors, mixed in with white. Whether they are the colors of a favorite sports team, patriotic colors, or simply a color that is loved, this is a true reflection of the uniqueness of every individual.

Candle Votive using Blue Blue
Candle Votive using Brown Brown
Candle Votive using Green Green
Candle Votive using Gray Gray
Candle Votive using Orange Orange
Candle Votive using Pink Pink
Candle Votive using Purple Purple
Candle Votive using Red Red
Candle Votive using Yellow Yellow

Why is Eternal Ash only available through your partners?

There are a lot of rules and regulations on the transfer of ashes. Along with the rules and regualtions, we want to be absolutely sure that your pet's cremated remains arrive to us safely, securely, and with dignity above all else. This is why we only permit the Eternal Ash Collection to be sold through our partners.