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An assortment of Serenity Glass products laid out

Serenity Glass

Serenity Glass is manufactured by renowned artists known for their work and showcased in the first ever borosilicate coin. These keepsakes are exclusively provided by Eternity's Touch.

Color options

We offer a range of color options for Serenity Glass. You can choose between Galaxy themed design, multicolor, opaque, and transparent options. Add luminescence to any of our pieces.

Galaxy options

Galaxy pendant with planet

Galaxy pendant with planet

Galaxy pendant without planet

Galaxy pendant without planet

Galaxy pendant at night

Galaxy pendant at night

Multicolor options

Amber-Purple pendant


Blue-Green pendant


Caramel pendant


Opaque options

Black pendant


Aqua pendant


Deep navy pendant

Deep Navy

White pendant


Transparent options

Blue pendant


Clear pendant


Green pendant


Pink pendant


Red pendant


Yellow pendant


Luminescence options

Luminescence can be added to any Serenity Glass keepsake. The Galaxy keepsakes automatically include this feature.

Luminescence during the day

Luminescence during the day

Luminescence during the night

Luminescence during the night

Why is Serenity Glass only available through your partners?

There are a lot of rules and regulations on the transfer of ashes. Along with the rules and regualtions, we want to be absolutely sure that your pet's cremated remains arrive to us safely, securely, and with dignity above all else. This is why we only permit the Serenity Glass Collection to be sold through our partners.