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Text engraving

Text engraving allows you to add meaningful content to your crafted keepsake. With a message to remind you of your loved one whenever you look at the text. Eternity's Touch offers text to be engraved on many of our products.

Prepare your order for text engravingPrepare your order for text engraving

We recommend that you take the time to think about the meaningful text you want to add to your crafted fingerprint keepsake. This involves just a few steps such as choosing your message, ensuring it will present well, and submitting it as part of your order.

Choosing your message

To choose your message, you should know our products recommended limitations. Most of our products, if they offer text engraving, allow 2 lines, 10 characters each; or a monogram. Here are some sample messages people choose to engrave on our products.

2000 - 2009

2000 - 2009


I will  u


You can choose one of these formats, or come up with one of your own. We support any unicode text - that means if you can type it, you can have it. This includes non-latin alphabets like cyrillic, chinese, arabic, and inuktitut.

If you are looking for something longer, consider looking at one of our Memory Tags or our Picture Frames; they can support a lot more text engraving than our average piece.

Choosing your font

We offer two font styles for personalizing your fingerprint keepsakes. The Elegant font and the Classic font.

Letters and numbers from the standard english alphabet showcasing the look of our classic font.

Classic font

Letters and numbers from the standard english alphabet showcasing the look of our elegant font.

Elegant font

Important recommendations


If you plan on using several capital letters together or if you are entering longer text, we recommend the classic font.


Be mindful of how much text you are adding. The longer the text, the more difficult it will be to read. Every piece has its own recommendations and we will let you know if you exceed the recommendation.


Break up words to keep text even along the vertical. For example, avoid putting "I will love you" on one line, and "forever" on a seperate line. Insead, put "you forever" on the second line.